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DARE2WEAR Activewear, Yoga wear and Athelisure Wear in Bali

Newly founded Dare2Wear (2011) is the design dream of Norwegian Trudi Christensen who has brought her European design ethic to THE glamorous island of Bali, Indonesia. Dare2Wear fitness, yoga and athleisure wear combines fitness, fashion and technology. Chistensen has 20 years experience in the fitness industry as both a trainer and model and designer so she understands what fabrics work for warm up, cool down and everyday wear. Dare2Wear uses trademarked fabrics that combines your form with function. Imported fabrics include Supplex (trademark sign) and Microfiber (trademark sign) as well as locally sourced organic cotton, lycra, rayon and other fabrics.Designed to get you from the studio to the street Dare2Ware looks as chic in the studio as it does on the street. Everyday Christensen starts out her day by sitting down with her Balinese dream team to go through the new designs to ensure the perfect fit with each piece. Balinese are known for their attention to artistic detail and this comes through in each handmade piece in Christensen’s quality controlled factory. PRODUCTS: All Dare2Ware gear can be shipped worldwide.

YOGA WEAR – Let your good karma flow with Dare2Wear’s yoga essentials that have you looking glam on or off the matt. FITNESS WEAR – On trend fitness wear clothes that keep you feeling fab. ATHELESISURE WEAR – From the studio to the street we have got you covered in fashion forward designs. Merging athletic and leisure wear. BESPOKE CUSTOM DESIGN – If you find something you like but it doesn’t come in your size or to your design specifications Dare2Ware’s team of specialized tailors can custom tailor your fitness wear to your exact measurements. This is a unique selling point that no other brand on the market offers. EXTRAS: Bikinis’, sandals, casual seperates

Sports Wear or Active Wear Bali Indonesia

Sportswear or activewear is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. Sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons. Typical sport-specific garments include shorts, tracksuits, T-shirts, tennis shirts and polo shirts. Specialized garments include wet suits (for swimming, diving or surfing), ski suits (for skiing) and leotards (for gymnastics). Sports footwear include trainers. It also includes some underwear, such as the jockstrap and sports bra. Sportswear is also at times worn as casual fashion clothing. For most sports the athletes wear a combination of different items of clothing, e.g. sport shoes, pants and shirts. In some sports, protective gear may need to be worn, such as helmets or American football body armour. Sportswear Bali, Activewear Bali

Athelisure Wear Bali Indonesia

Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. Athleisure outfits are yoga pants, tights and leggings that "look like athletic wear" and characterized as "fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing". The idea is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people's everyday wardrobes. By some accounts, the athleisure trend grew out of women wearing yoga pants. Another account suggests that the trend came about because people could wear them for multiple occasions without having to change, which meant greater convenience, since people did not have to carry an extra gym outfit on the way to the office, for example. Athelisure wear Bali.

Yoga Wear, Yoga Pants, Yoga Tops, Yoga Bra

Yoga wear in Bali, yoga pants, yoga tops, yoga bra, collections of yoga wear in Bali. Soft comfort, support and control is what makes our yoga styles so essential. The perfect balance between function and fashion, our women's yoga styles offer the comfort and support you want with the quality and durability you need. Yoga bras and yoga tanks are available in a variety of sustainable fabrics and fits, while our yoga pants and yoga leggings range from classic to contemporary in vivid colors and prints. Our yoga mats and yoga gear is eco-friendly too, ensuring your practice is as mindful as can be.

Our men’s yoga clothing supports your practice with enhanced performance and versatility. Find the ideal balance between performance and versatility with our high quality men's yoga clothes. Sustainably designed with organic cotton, recycled polyester and other premium fabrics, our yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga tops offer the stretch and quick-drying capabilities you need with the easy comfort you want. What's more, our men's yoga clothes were designed with wear-everywhere appeal. Which means moving from the studio to the streets will be one fluid motion.